My name is Bruce Irvine and I'm the Director of BravoZulu Fire Safety and Security Pty Ltd, a Townsville North Queensland based Safety Consultancy.

I have found in my varied and extensive career that small and medium size businesses generally don't understand the safety and fire safety legislative requirements, and or how to deal with the regulators. There tends to be an emphasis on evidence and traceability, and that big business usually have the funds to support this, however medium and small business have difficulties.

The issue being that often there is not the actual work for a full-time safety advisor, and the obligation to consult leads to either training a staff member, and that is problematic as they concentrate on their core duties and never get their head around the regulatory obligations of the role, or a Safety consultant is engaged.

This usually involves a significant fee to provide documentation and guidance, then your on your own, until if you pay for it an audit, so you can see how you cant keep up with the requirements.

My company has a cost effective monthly fee that provides you with a safety advisor, fire safety advisor, bulling and harassment officer and a return to work rehabilitation officer all rolled into one. We come to site as needed, and for focused or requested works like inductions and tool box meetings, apart from that we are available 24 /7 on call and can deal with most issues remotely.

We also provide once only services like safety, or fire safety consultation services and training.

It just takes one call to find out more, and if I can’t help you generally we know someone that can.